There are many issues that can cause slow internet and we pride ourselves on being able to detect and resolve most of these issues once they are reported. Here are some things that can cause a slow connection.


  • Interference 
  • Poor Signal
  • Low TX or RX rates
  • Packet Loss
  • High Latency
  • Slow DNS Servers


  • Packet loss
  • High Latency
  • Incorrect MTU
  • Slow DNS Servers

What can I do about it?
If the wireless router or access point is owned or managed by National Wi-Fi our system will auto optimize the correct channel numbers and channel size based on the proximity of other networks. If you are having trouble with one of our devices please call our customer support line at 855-465-1560.

If the wireless router is owned by the customer we suggest that you set the maximum channel size of 20Mhz for 2.4 networks and 40Mhz for 5Ghz. Once this is set you can reboot your router and it will attempt to select the channel with the least amount of interference at the time of reboot. If you are having trouble with your device please call our customer support line at 855-465-1560.